Time to decide on the Kitchen bench top for your dream kitchen? It can be a little overwhelming considering you also have to choose a splashback, taps, appliances – the list goes on!

When choosing a suitable bench top material for your kitchen take time to consider how it will look, but also if it is a practical option for you and your family.

You are however spoilt for choice as there are a variety of materials you should have on your kitchen bench top shortlist. 



The most budget friendly option and gracing many a kitchen across the country. Laminate is justifiably popular for its wide range of colours and patterns – many of which successfully mimic other (more expensive) popular materials. It is also stain resistant, hard wearing and widely available.

Check out Polytec for some sample colours.


Natural Stone

This is one of the more expensive options, though natural stone has bags of character and an organic quality that is difficult to match. There are durability variances depending on which type of stone you prefer, with marble especially vulnerable to staining from acidic foods and liquids. Quality slab granite and even caesarstone is widely respected for its low porosity and overall durability, though it is also sealed.

Check out Caesarstone for some samples


Stainless Steel

This is not a material you would normally associate with a domestic kitchen, but if you are looking for excellent durability and that industrial edge – go for it! Be prepared to pay for the privilege of pretending you are cooking in an award winning restaurant though. You will also have to accept that scratching of your stainless steel surface is inevitable.



A hardwood timber can be as effective as natural stone if you are looking for an organic accent for your kitchen benchtop. It is however going to be an expensive option, even though it is durable when sealed and easily repaired.



Looking for something a little different? Concrete may just be the next ‘big’ material for benchtops, with its sleek lines and long lifespan. Even though it is relatively heavy to work with, it is available in a range of colours and patterns. Concrete bench tops are typically cast off site – including cut-outs for sinks – and delivered to your home ready to drop into place. Even though concrete is durable it is often sealed to reduce porosity. 


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